Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar Metro Project Crystallized The Hurdle in Land Acquisition

Metro1By Accommodation Times Bureau

The dispute ; which was posing a hurdle in paving the way for metro; has got cleared between the residents of Jivraj Park and the ( MEGA) Metro Link Express for Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. The residents of Jivraj Park, whose houses and shops are to be removed to pave a way for the metro project, were not agreed to vacate the land, this land acquisition had become the first major hurdle for the metro project.

On MEGA’s proposal to pay around Rs 42 crore to owners of 11 bungalows, three flats and six shops, the occupants of two housing colonies Vishwakarma and Mangaldeep got agreed to vacate their lands. Plots will be given to three bungalow owners, near Shreyas Crossing, which will be of the same size as that of the plots they are losing, said the residents’ advocate Vikram Thakor.

The 22 occupants of these two housing societies challenged MEGA’s land acquisition process in January 2016, they objected to the rail route finalized by the authorities. They also rejected a proposal of shifting to a plot near Juhapura.

As the court was proceeding ahead, MEGA proposed the residents compensation in cash or plots. The three bungalow owners opted for plots, and other residents agreed to cash. MEGA paid 80% of the amount while entering into the agreement with the residents, and the remaining 20% was decided to be paid at the time of the award passed by the district collector.

Last month, MEGA impulse the high court to dispose off the case and assured the court that the entire payment will be made within a month’s time. However, on September 19, the state government and MEGA sought six more months. The HC told the authorities that since it is a settlement with consent from the residents, there is no need to issue any notification.

The high court directed MEGA to deposit the remaining 20% amount with the district collector within two days. All residents have been asked to remain present before the district collector on October 5, and the collector has been directed to announce final award of compensation on October 24.

The residents are lifted up with the settlement. Dr Bharat Merchant, who owns a bungalow over 250-metre plot in a society, has opted for a plot near Shreyas Crossing. He said, “It is not that we have been paid at market rates, but whatever amount is decided is not bad. I was getting Rs 2.30 crore for my property, so I opted for same size plot. There is multiple ownerships in many properties and hence they opted for the cash.”

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