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  1. Zubair Mahajan says:

    Recently my Sister gifted(Registered gift deed) me flat and when I approached Society for the transfer of Maintenence receipt etc to my name they are asking me for 25,000. Pls advise me as to what shud I do since there was no monetary transfer involved.

  2. Akshay says:


    Am society has shortlisted the below mentioned developers for undertaking redevelopment of our society. Would like to have an unbiased view of accommodation times as to which of the below in your view would be the ideal redeveloper.

    1)Kamla Homes & Lifestyles
    2)Mayfair Housing
    3)PNK spaces redevelopment

    Would appreciate if you could back your decision with some quantitative data.. as to track record etc

    Thanks & Regards

  3. To Editor/ Publisher,

    Respected Sir,

    Can you be able to publish locality wise current Municipal property assessment rates for various types of properties in Mumbai as you publish property rates for western suburbs, central suburbs etc for Mumbai.
    Hope you will be able to publish the same at an earliest.


    Shrikant Chavan

  4. mitesh says:

    as there is a lady member in the society but she is harassing all the members as she goes to any ones house and starts shouting or starts complaining we have even gone to the police station but they r also fade-up members of the society also have visited the police station .As she is paying her maintenance on time but is there any ? that the society can do so

  5. The term of the Current Managing Committee is over and elections are due. As per recent amendment, for societies with more than 100 members,elections will be held by the Dy. Registrars. What would be the time frame ? Does the existing Committee continue only as a caretaker committee ?

  6. R G Soni says:

    I would like to know what are the basic exemption limit for payment of wealth tax.
    Hope one residential unit is non wealth tax.
    What are the other silent fitures.

  7. MITESH LAL says:

    I wanted to know what to do if the Old approve plan is not available with the society and not traceable with M.C.G.M office and nether in water department. and want to obtain Deem Conveyance for our society, our society is about 30 years old. what supporting document should we submit in replacement of Approve Plan. PLEASE HELP.

  8. Swaraj says:

    My friend wish to sell one building in Dombivli . The construction is on collector owned land and flats rented on Pagdi system.The building is in ok condition.As the owner has become old he wishes to sell the property. What are all options available for him ?

  9. Arpan says:

    What is right time to buy property ( 3 bed room) in thakur village, kandivali (E).

    Whats your views on old property vs under construction.

    Kindly help with your response.


  10. Ajay Shah says:

    Dear Sir,

    I live in Co operative Housing Society in Nerul, which has got 98 flats and 10 commercial shops / offices.

    My question is, for how many water connections we can apply to NMMC.


  11. arun says:

    Hi ,can a father in law gift his residential home to his daughter in law, what will be the rate of stamp duty (maharashtra)

  12. RAJU PAIGUDE says:

    What is the advantage of Qualified real estate brokers certificate in Government offices?

  13. shalini says:

    I rent an apartment in a small housing society in Bangalore comprising 48 apartments. The society has decided to charge 20% more in annual maintenance from a rented apartment as compared to a owner-occupied apartment. Is this legal and valid?

  14. ferandes says:

    can my uncle(dad’s brother) gift me his nephew, agriculture and non agriculture land and his house., without payment of stamp duty.

  15. manoj sakhrani says:

    Recently my MOTHER gifted(Registered gift deed) me flat and when I approached Society for the transfer of Maintenence receipt etc to my name they are asking me for 1LAC transfer charges. Pls advise me as to what shud I do since there was no monetary transfer involved please help

  16. Govind says:

    My society in Bangalore, is preventing me from renting out the upper level portion of my Penthouse as a second lease, saying multi tenancy is not allowed.

    Is that permitted, if not what is the legal position. How do I deal with these guys. I am incurring heavy loss of atleast 15K as rent per month

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