Real Estate’s Demands from the Union Budget

By Accommodation Times News Service  By Kishor Pate, CMD - Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd. Real estate stakeholders in every Indian city are looking forward to the upcoming financial budget 2016 to see whether it will provide any relief to the sector. Developers have their own expectations, because positive announcements for real estate

Property Rights with Hindu Succession Act

By Accommodation Times News Services The Hindu Succession Act 1956, is the most important enactment to regulate the property rights in Hindu religion. The Act came into force on 17th June, 1956. We will discuss the salient features of the said Act in this article. As per the schedule appended o the

Succession to the Property of a Hindu Female

By Accommodation Times News Services   The succession to the property of a Hindu may be testate or intestate  The testate succession means, where a person leaves behind a will with the instructions for the distribution of his/her property/assets after his/her death in the manner mentioned in the will.  In case of

Auctions under ‘SARFAESI Act’ and the need of fairness?

It may be true that Banks do face numerous difficulties in recovering the dues despite having ‘security’. But, there can not be any difficulty for the Banks in recovering their dues under SARFAESI Act, 2002. It is alleged that even the Debt Recovery Tribunals and Appellate Tribunal do favour

Amendments to the Enemy Property Act, 1968

The Union Cabinet today approved the proposal of Ministry of Home Affairs to introduce the Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Second Bill, 2010 to make amendments to the Enemy Property Act, 1968. The amendments, among other things, provide for the following : • The enemy property shall continue to vest in