Section 50 C and Stamp Duty should be align for fair market value


By Vimal Punmiya, FCA, LLB Besides the current recession in the market, one of the prime reasons that have instigated the market for housing and realty sector to face a further downfall, is the modus operandi for calculating Stamp Duty Valuation, which has not been modified as per the prevailing market scenario, resulting in inflated costs of properties More...

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100% Stamp Duty on Pugree property transactions in Maharashtra

By Accommodation Times Bureau If a tenant purchasing property from landlord in a pugree system property, the stamp duty was leviable on 90% of the value of stamp duty ready recknor. Now in State Budget of Government More...

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Land Rates fixed by Government of Goa

By Accommodation Times Bureau 17/1/Fixation of Land Rates/2012-RD/5004 In exercise of the powers conferred under sub-rule (3) of Rule 4 of the Goa Stamp (Determination of True Markat Value of Property) Rules, More...

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How to Pay Stamp Duty online in Maharashtra

By Accommodation Times News Services INSTRUCTIONS FOR PAYMENT OF FEES ONLlNE THROUGH GRAS I DEMAND DRAFT   STEP -1   1)         Mortgagor /s / Property Owner /s should visit More...

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Stamp Duty on Agreement for Sale prior to 10-12-1985 is Rs. 5 only

By Santosh Kumar & Sunit Gupta By Accommodation Times News Services After the announcement of the Stamp Duty Amnesty 2008, there are some consultants and self designated specialists who are misguiding the people More...

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Stamp duty on Deemed Conveyance Deeds

Accommodation Times News Services By Advocate K K Ramani To Hon’ble Chief Minister. Government of Maharashtra Mantralaya, Mumbai 400 032 Sub:       Stamp duty on Deemed Conveyance Deeds. Respected Sir, Presently, More...

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FAQs on Bombay Stamp Duty Act 1958

Accommodation Times News Service Q. 1. What is the Bombay stamp Act,1958? The Bombay Stamp Act, 1958 comes into force on 16th February, 1959 and is applicable in the State of Maharashtra. This Act is intended to More...

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Rise in stamp duty will have negative effect on property deals

By Accommodation Times Bureau New Delhi: The apex court has ruled that, “the state can fix higher stamp duty on property transactions done through power of attorney vested in an outsider, as against such power More...

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By Accommodation Times Bureau By Samir Sanghavi Chartered Accountant Proposed Increase in Stamp Duty on Leave and License Agreements – Amendment to Article 36A of Schedule I to the Bombay Stamps Act, 1958 More...

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Stamp Duty is applicable on purchase of property in public auction

The Madras High Court has held that an instrument, whether a certificate of sale or sale deed, issued in a public auction of properties, was chargeable with stamp duty under Article 18 read with Article 23 of Schedule More...