E-municipality: Changing India’s Working Style


By Accommodation Times Bureau

Pune: The municipalities of major cities of India are becoming smarter, by utilizing the latest technologies in their work-areas. Working not only physically, but also digitally; the municipality bodies are symbolizing the Digital India.

Now you are in a world where you can ask the civic body in your city for various services [including providing electricity or water, garbage collection, mobile toilets, sewage cleaning, traffic management etc] with just a click on your cell phone or laptop. How about smart municipalities that do all the chores for you? It can be possible now, as they are becoming— E-Municipality.

They are offering public services, such as paying property tax, water bills, accessing birth and death certificates, etc all online so far, but they are now planning to take their digital presence to the next level for the citizens.

Civic bodies of Bhopal, Indore, Greater Mumbai, Pune, have already developed excellent web presence and many of them have either already come up or are planning to create mobile apps.

Private IT firms are helping these civic bodies to develop interactive interfaces for the public. Municipalties are covering specific tasks under the smart working patterns, such as journey planning, following geo-specific notifications, and making use of smart parking, the security mechanisms, 24×7 city surveillance and automatic analysis of the recorded data.

It is also helping in a rapid response to emergency events by sending alerts to security agencies through the mobile phone.

By using today’s supreme power– digital technology – for day-to-day functioning of municipalities, government is changing India’s soul. To keep pace with international standards, it is now extremely necessary to empower such local bodies, so that we can work efficiently, impressively and imposingly.








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