Impact of mill land on Mumbai’s skyline

MumbaiDPBy Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi, LLB, PhD

Accommodation Times Bureau

Mill land has suddenly become most important subject for real estate development in Mumbai. The magnitude of the land is very vast. Mumbai, commercial capital of India, is having scare land and vast potentiality to develop it. Private participation in developing Mumbai cannot be compared.

There are 58 cotton mills in Mumbai, of these 26 were deemed sick and were taken over by the government of India. Out of these, 25 are managed by National Textile Corporation (NTC) and by Maharashtra State Textile Corporation (MSTC). Remaining 32 mills continue to be in the private sector. Even after taken over, these mills continue to be sick.

Textile mills hold 400 to 500 acres of land just in the heart of Greater Mumbai. NTC alone having 275 acres in its possession.

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