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Items Counted in FSI Calculations in New DCR in Mumbai

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By Accommodation Times Bureau

35 (3) The following shall be counted in FSI

i) Covered parking spaces as provided under Regulation no. 36 (5) (e)

ii) Area of fire escape balcony as provided in regulation 44 (5)

iii) Area of Sanitary block for the use of domestic servants engaged in the
premises, other than at staircase mid-landing level, Stilt level, parking level.

iv) Part / Pocket / Covered terraces, for whatever purpose, except open terrace
above the top most storey and the part terrace at top most storey due to
planning constraints but accessible from common staircase.

v) Area below open to sky swimming pool, clearance exceeding 1.5 mtr. from
floor level.

vi) Air condition plant room / Air handling unit room, meter room, D.G. set room
except provided in basement.

vii) Fire check floor / service floor of height exceeding 1.8 mt.

viii) Area of blaconies a provided in sub regulation 22 of Regulation 38.

ix) Niches below window sill.

x) Area of one public telephone booth and one telephone exchange (PBX)
room per building.

xi) The ornamental projection, including the voids, flower beds, etc. projecting
from the face of the building except at the terrace level.

xii) Ornamental projection, flower bed etc. over a balcony or gallery

xiii) Area of one room for installation of telephone concentrators as per
requirements of Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited.

xiv) Area of a separate letter box room on the ground floor of residential and
commercial buildings.

xv) Covered areas required on top terrace for antenna / dish antenna /
communication tower used for Telecom (basic cellular or satellite telephone)
or ITE purposes, V-Sat, Routes, Transponders or Similar IT related structure
or equipment, in excess of 20.00 sq. mts.

xvi) The parking floor in excess of required parking under these regulations
[35(2)(vi)]. Deck parking inclusive of Car lifts and passages thereto on
habitable floors.

xvii) Driver’s room / sanitary block on podium and or parking floor.

xviii) Covered swimming pool.

Add the following new regulation

D.C. Regulation 35 (4)

Compensatory Floor Space Index (FSI):-

Notwithstanding anything contained in the D.C. Regulations 32, 33 & 34, the Commissioner may, byspecial permission, permit fungible compensatory Floor Space Index, not exceeding 35% for residential development and 20% for Industrial/Commercial development, over and above admissible Floor Space Index, by charging a premium at the rate of 60%, 80% and 100% of the stamp Duty Ready Reckoner Rate, for Residential, Industrial and Commercial development respectively.
Provided in case of redevelopment under regulation 33 (7), 33 (9) & 33 (10) excluding clause no. 3.11 of Appendix-IV of Development Control Regulation 1991, the fungible compensatory F.S.I. admissible on rehabilitation component shall be granted without charging premium.

Provided further that redevelopment under D.C. regulations no. 33 (5) and redevelopment proposal of existing buildings in suburbs and extended suburbs by availing TDR, the fungible compensatory F.S.I. advisable on F.S.I. consumed in existing structure shall be granted without charging premium.
Provided further that such fungible compensatory FSI for rehabilitation component shall not be used free sale component and shall be used to give additional area over and above eligible area to the existing tenants / occupants.
Provided, that this regulation shall be applicable in respect of the buildings to be constructed or reconstructed only.

Explanatory Note:-

i) Where IOD/IOA has been granted but building is not completed, this regulation
shall apply only at the option of owner / developer,

ii) For plots / layouts, where IOD is granted for partial development, this Regulation
will apply for the balance potential of the plot,

iii) The fungible FSI is usable as regular FSI,

Provided, further, the development in Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) areas
shall be governed by the Ministry of Environment & Forests Notification issued
from time to time.

Note: The premium amount collected shall be kept in a separate Account to be
utilized for infrastructure development.

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  1. Amit says:

    Will this Fungible FSI increase the overall FSI limit. (For suburs was 2 i.e. 1+1). It will become 2.35 or the overall limit will remain within 2?

  2. Ravindra says:

    Kindly advice How to Calculate Carpet Area + the 35% free [Govt - BMC Sanctioned] fungible FSI as per the new DCR rules, from the Experts on your reality website panel, on the same redevelopment of existing Co-op Housing Society. Please provide us some calculation Examples

  3. sunil saberwal says:

    Is fungible FSI dictated differently for rehab component in cessed buildings in CRZs

  4. yogen shah says:

    i also want to ask same question to you as Ravindra asked .

  5. Centaur says:

    Hi, As per the new article in ToI the net FSI would be 2.7 (i.e. 1.35 FSI + 1.35 TDR FSI)

  6. kalpana kamath says:

    We are in a 70 yr old building on the sea shore. Our building is taken up for redevelpment by the owner. Is the fungible FSI available for us in CRZ area? Pl. help by your reply.

  7. dimple says:

    clear f. fsi. mcgm  not exceed 35% f si. but reduice  free 10% free balcony  

  8. what does this sentence clearly mean ” A flat with carpet area(including fungible area ) of 400 sq.ft .

  9. N Old Society building was granted additional FSI in lieu of cash compensation for the plot area surrendered for road purpose.  It used part of it to building a small building and part remains as unutilized FSI. If that building is redeveloped, will the area of that additional building counted in the total built area?  If yes, will the gross area (area of existing building plus addl. compensatory area) be added to the plot area for arriving at the new FSI available?  If that is not done members of the buildings originally constructed will have to share the additional area with those in the new building.

  10. OARESH DAVE says:

    Kindly advice How to Calculate Carpet Area + the 35% free [Govt - BMC Sanctioned] fungible FSI as per the new DCR rules, from the Experts on your reality website panel, on the same redevelopment of existing Co-op Housing Society. Please provide us some calculation Examples

  11. jayesh says:

    my bldg is A category ; more than 70 year old and in dillaipited conditions : it is going under re development ; shall the developer has to pay premium on fungible fsi which he would be getting on the sale component

  12. KAMLESH SAVLA says:

    in funjible fsi  my q. is same like ravindra pls give me reply by EMAIL

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