Massive housing stock in Dharavi revamp

slumBy Accommodation Times Bureau

Mumbai: While the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) is facing land scarcity for building more affordable homes, the Dharavi Redevelopment project is expected to create 8, 000 homes as housing stock in the future. According to the plan, the housing body will get approximately 8, 000 houses in the fifth sector of Dharavi Redevelopment project.

Currently, the authority will construct two high rises each of 22 storeys and will rehabilitate 687 families by next year. The authority has received environmental clearance for its redevelopment plan for the fifth sector.

The entire Dharavi is divided into five sectors. While the redevelopment of fifth sector is under the purview of MHADA,  the Dharavi Redevelopment Authority has unable to get any takers for redevelopment work of first four sectors.

The fifth sector is spread across 153 acres and has 9,700 residents that are supposed to be rehabilitated. The revamp of the fifth sector involves rehabilitating 9,700 families who will move to bigger homes. The deputy collector will conduct the survey of the area to determine eligible beneficiaries for the project.

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