Nearly 10,000 trees will get axed, for Mumbai-Goa highway widening


By Accommodation Times Bureau

Mumbai:Trusted sources informed as many as 10,509 trees will have to axe for the widening of the Mumbai-Goa highway on the 84-km Panvel-Indapur stretch in Maharashtra. Out of these 5,462 trees have already been cut, state revenue minister Chandrakant Patil told the state assembly in a written reply on July 27.

“The state has also obtained necessary environmental clearances for the project. As per the agreement, the number of trees to be planted will be three times more than the number of trees to be chopped,” he said.

The land requirement for the four-lane road conversion on the Panvel-Indapur stretch is 217 hectares. The road widening is getting executed in several phases. The government’s proposal for constructing a connecting road and a tunnel on the Indapur-Zarap stretch of the highway was struck down by the Centre, he said.

E-tenders are invited bythe government for planting some 1,600 trees on the 91-km stretch between Aravali and Waked .


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