Podium Gardens – changing the way developers are creating space for amenities

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By Mr.Kaizad Hateria                                                                                                                                                                      
(Brand Custodian and Chief Customer Delight Officer,Rustomjee Group)


The real estate market is slowly shifting towards being more customer-friendly. Many developers are now in the business of not just providing homes but lifestyles. Hence, amenities like clubhouse, landscaped gardens etc are thoughtfully planed and make a big difference in creating a certain USP about the project as well as establishing the developer as one who is concerned with the resident’s satisfaction.

Yet, in a city starved for space, it is not easy to allocate precious land for gardens and other amenities. Hence, the innovative concept of podium gardens is becoming a trend in the real estate industry. With a few enterprising pioneers leading the way, the realty sector is changing the way is creates space to provide lifestyle defining amenities in projects.

From the ‘uber’ luxury to the affordable segment, podiums are a part of almost all projects in the city. This is also driven by consumers who demand more than just brick and mortar apartments and are looking for homes that can provide a complete life experience.

Podium gardens cater to the requirements of residents at different stages in their lives. Thus for the young executive there are facilities for jogging tracks, club and gymnasium and swimming pool. For families with young children there would be play areas with facilities like swings, see-saws, outdoor games. Families can even enjoy cafeteria facilities, yoga and meditation centers and some developers also provide for star gazing decks on the podium gardens. The retired residents are not be forgotten either and thoughtfully provide garden areas with seating and walkways are just some of the additional touches that make for a fulfilled life with the right kind of amenities.

Podium gardens present a paradigm shift in the way projects are planned and designed and are definitely becoming fixed and expected feature of most new developments across the city.

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