Present buildings without OC can approach RERA Authority

gautamchatterjeeBy Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi, LLB, PhD

In an exclusive interview with Accommodation Times Maharashtra RERA Authority Shri Gautam Chaterjee suggested solutions to perceptual problem of non OC buildings in cities in Maharashtra. Hundreds and thousands of buildings have not got OC in Maharashtra. Builders are not willing to bring OC or traceable. Anyone dealing in any project must have OC or registration number of RERA.  Read on..

SC : Sir according to RERA, all projects having received Commencement Certificate (CC) and have not got Occupation Certificate (OC) and builder is not co-operative or not traceable, what will be the solutions?

GC: The problem is grave. In my opinion if the buildings are not violating any FSI norms or if after allowing Fungible FSI they do not get violated the FSI norms then local self government/ Municipalities should consider to give them OC.

SC: Sir suppose the builder is not traceable and building violets FSI norms then?

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