Why Student Housing is a promising deal in INDORE?

studenthousingBy Devendra Dungarwal

Accommodation Times Bureau


In last 10 years, Indore has established itself as the educational hub of central India, and with students migrating from small towns and villages near Indore, the need and scope  to provide them affordable accommodation has increased manifold. Parents of such students who shift to Indore are mostly concerned and sceptical about the food and living conditions that their children would be living in.

In Indore and even in India, student housing area is pretty much untapped, unorganized and is expected to have a $10 billion dollar market in the country. In Indore alone, approximately 75 thousand students migrate every year to the city to pursue different regular and professional courses. While the local colleges and institutes do provide in house hostels or guest houses, the kind of living spaces and amenities provided are quite limited both in terms of quality and quantity. Implementing security measures in private hostels is very inadequate. At least 70% migrating students face the problem of finding a suitable accommodation. A lot of private hostels have mushroomed in almost every corner of the city as the density of students has been increasing at an alarming rate. The problem, however, still persists, leaving a lot of scope for builders to come up with real estate projects especially designed for students. Majority of the students are dissatisfied with college or private hostels or accommodation.

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