‘’Customized Flat’’ on minds of builders

By Accommodation Times News Service

The real estate is very volatile and often show dicing graph. In last many months it has shown a downtrodden graph and hence builders and developers are taking many steps to boost their sale. One of the innovative steps taken by them is to provide the buyers ‘’customized flats’’. A customized flat is that where one can get his/her favorite paints, tiles, flooring, electrical, furniture, sanitary and wallpapers. The season of these kind of flats were basically to remove the sluggish of the market at once but now it has become a trend within the market. The concept rotates not only in mid segment but also in high range segment buyers as they too want their own choice of house. One of the builders said, 96 flats being constructed in 1.76 acre of land, the options of tiles, paints and texture and flooring are given. In this the buyers only once has to spend the amount and later does not need any changes.

The buyers are getting too attracted with this kind of scheme.

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