‘Obtaining NOCs’ are peanuts’

By Accommodation Times Bureau

Recently, the civil aviation ministry stated that buildings can be constructed around the airport and such that
the local bodies will have the power to give the permission according to their own regulations and bylaws,
as long as they follow the zoning maps to be prepared by the Airports Authority of India (AAI). Herewith, it
becomes easy to obtain a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) to construct a building around the airport.

With such a positive update, the builders seem to be happy with the news, considering the fact that the
development would facilitate quicker granting of NOCs for which they had to wait for long. “The AAI is yet
to finalize the zoning maps; we will have to wait and watch if it increases the maximum permissible height
to which a building near an airport can be built. Local bodies can grant permission for buildings of those
heights only. Nevertheless, it is a good decision and it will significantly reduce the amount of time usually
taken by the AAI to grant an NOC for building plans,” CMD of Rustomjee Developers Boman Irani said.

As per Ministry’s new plan, the AAI will prepare colour-coded zoning maps for each airport, which will also
specify the gradation in the heights of buildings depending the distance from runways. These zoning maps
will be handed over to the local planning bodies such as the Municipal Corporation in the city. The body will
be empowered to sanction accordingly based on the rules and regulations put forth by the AAI.

Now onwards the projects won’t be stalled and the time constraints can be managed. Till now, to construct
a building near an airport, the developer had to approach the AAI for approval. Also, the airport authority
had no dedicated section that handled approvals for the developers. Therefore, it took more time to obtain

Now after giving the nod, the local body concerned will have to submit its copy of permission granted to the
designated office of the AAI within a month of sanctioning the building map. The local body will, however,
not have any say for building plans that exceed the measurements indicated on the zoning map; for those, the
developer will have to approach a designated officer of the AAI who will assess the obstructions to be caused
by the proposed structure. After consultation with the local body, if the AAI officer finds that the building
plan conforms to the local regulations, it will give the nod. Otherwise, the NOC will not be issued. The
applicant has the choice to appeal to the ministry of civil aviation if the AAI officer does not grant sanction
for such a structure.

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