“Demand Assessment in Thane for Residential Accommodation”

In today’s modern world every people wants to live high class life i.e. having luxurious house, own expensive car etc. India is developing faster and faster & also the states.
Earlier Thane was not too developed first people were calling Thane people villagers now the Thane district has developed. Now in Thane big builders have started projects of building residential, Shopping complex, etc. Thane district also started his first multiplex cine wonder that past two years now two more multiplex are under construction. People are enjoying to see big malls in Thane district.
Thane has developed a lot compared to earlier one. Now people are searching good residential complex in Thane because they also have many options there people are attracted here because of the greenery in Thane & best location. Thane is called the green city.
Thane city is also known as the lake city i.e. Upvan talao, Masunda Lake, etc. Masunda lake is situated near Thane station. This huge lake covering 1,23,545 sq ft, is today about half of its Original size. One end of this beautiful lake was reclaimed, and a road was constructed to facilitate vehicular traffic towards the station. There was Kopeneshwar temple opened to the to the lake but today there is a road constructed for reducing the traffic moving towards the station. It is one of the oldest lake of Thane & also the attraction for the new people.
One end has facilities for you to enjoy an evening on a boat with your family, where you can paddle to your hearts content. Also the entire lake can be walked around from the outside you can have a fun time eating lots of roadside fast foods. Snacks along with tang a rides. This all features of Thane increase demand for residential complex in Thane day by day.
First the rates of the flats was low in the Thane city but before one year the pricing the sky because of the cities view Thane. Thane is developing rapidly. In the future Thane city will become the spot for shopping, Enjoyment, etc.
In 90’s Thane city was fully forest city. But the people have understand the price of that place & so they are already to pay the flats, shops price what ever demanded. The builders also know the fact that the people are ready to pay more for the luxuries life in Thane.
In Thane the population of the people is increasing day by day because they know that the city is having lots of enjoyment with good residential complexes, enjoyment for the small children, goods schools, hospitals, etc. & all the needs of the today’s modern world. As compared to the needs of people than has developed a lot from earlier one because people are investing lots of money.
Earlier there was lots of factories situated in Thane city but slowly the factory place has been taken by the builders for constructing residential complexes. Earlier their was less demand for the residential complexes so the rates were also less. But afterwards the people have attracted to the Thane’s greenery and the demand had risen rapidly.
In Thane city there is not a problem of water shortage good arrangements are made for the water supply for the residential complexes so people enjoy the facility and are attracted towards the good residential complexes. There are good arrangements of all the needs electricity, water supply etc. It all includes in our maintenance charges. Earlier the rates were less per sq ft because the demand was less now the demand had increased tremendous so the rates are touching the sky but people are ready to buy that costly flats because they know they will get best facility.
Before 3 to 4 years back Thane city also got an award for the greener city because they have maintained the trees for the people attraction. In Thane city the air is also fresh so the people are attracted to the people are attracted to the city, for living here so the residential complexes are growing faster day-by-day.
People are coming here because Thane is the middle city we can go anywhere from here & for travelling it is best place. In Thane city their fresh air compared to the other cities because thane city have lots trees. In big complexes the builders also keep their private buses for the resident for travelling to the station. Residents are also taking advantage of the services because they have paid for that.
The rates here are high but the services are best we get the best deal done in Thane with good facility so the popularity of Thane city is growing faster & faster because of its features liked by all people.
Now Thane city is the best attraction for the people because of the malls constructed in Thane. The first mall built in Thane was the cine wonder mall in Kapurbavdi after that people started coming to the city for the resident purpose & also for the business. Two more malls have being built lake city mall & other one is eternity mall in Teen Nath Nako.
Because of the three malls in the Thane the people have attracted towards the city. They know that by staying in Thane we can enjoy the life of good malls. There is lot of work loads on the mind of people so the want to relax. Visiting malls seeing moving make them tension free so they enjoy visiting malls & spend time with the family members.
Markets are also important for the growth of residential complexes. People first see where the market is if it is distance from their house they take another option so the builders built shopping complexes along with the residential complexes.
In Thane the bus services are good so that people can easily travel to their jobs on time so the builders built residential complex near by bus stop is not situated than they make arrangements for that the bus services has also grown with the growth of residential complexes.
The growth & demand for residential complexes has grown because the people has known the importance of this place & also they know the services here are good from residential complexes to travelling & having fun.
Thane city is growing tremendously the people have many good options to select their residential places according to the facility given to them. The residential complexes are built by good & known builders like Hiranandani, Seth group, etc. People know them so they pay the rates whatever they demanded because of the good facilities, pure climate and air. The rates are high for the residential complexes and also growing rapidly no one knows that the rates will fall or go higher.
Thane, fondly called the “emerging city of the new millenium”. Or “the best city of the India” or “the city of the lakes” is situated on the western coast of India, surrounded by the Sanjay Gandhi national Park, the Thane Creek and other river, has 23 lakhs within its municipal limits. This above mentioned features of Thane had attracted people towards it so developed the residential accommodation in Thane rapidly.
In the 40’s, Thane was only for the jail and the presence of a mental hospital. The old Thane area was the only place with a few shops. For instance, Amruta Jewellers is 125 years old. In the early 60’s, the increasing population necessitated the development of the new areas. Naupada, then called the Naupada village, was largely unexplored. In the late 60’s, the TMC chief Mr Norvel planned the widening of Gokhale road and the surrounding areas including Ram Maruti road. Since this was the first consciously developed area in the city.
Building Timeline
1824-1827= Collectors office building completed.
1855= Construction of the railway station bridge.
1863= Thane municipal council established & Thane-Kalwa bridgebuilt.
1959= New station road parallel to old station road built.
1972= Construction of the Thane Creek bridge between Sion & Panvel.
1999= Thane gets ‘clean city’ award.
So we can see above how Thane city has developed year after years & years now
it has developed a lot so people are attracted towards Thane city because they know that our investments will increase heir and have better future in Thane so residential complexes has increased tremendously after the year 1999.
Because of the following reasons people are attracted towards Thane city.
Eating Out = The delights of every Mumbaite, vada pavs, bhajias, misal, alu vadi, etc. are found here petite shops, mostly with no seating arrangement, offering fast, noisy service but great food and reasonable prices. Also the simplest but authentic Gujarati, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Chinese, etc.
Shopper’s Delight = One-Stop shopping points like Apna Bazar & Mega Market to fresh fruits and vegetables in market like Gaondai & also at Big Bazar Kapurbavdi.
Entertainment Plus = You can be assured of not a dull moment in Thane. if not the Verdant areas of the cool waters of many lakes in Thane & also the two malls line wonder & eternity mall. There is Hakone and Suraj water park, Tikuji-ni-wadi for games and water activities.
Study Scenes = Excellent educational facilities like the Bombay Scottish and even special schools for your special children like Chaitanya or Vishwas ensure you can move to Thane even with your family.
This above are the four features which attracted people to come to Thane for
resident purpose so the demand for the residential accommodation increasing day-by-day in Thane city.
Following are the brief fact files on some locations of the city:
Ghodbunder = Attracting home seekers as well as visitors from all over is Ghodbunder, ensconced in the greenery of the North of Thane. the famous Suraj water park has long been the source of recreational activity, with the green valley. Ghodbunder road, so called because it was a huge part for landing of horses is truly a happening place.
At Ghodbunder road the residential complexes has also increase because of big projects like Hiranandani people are coming here for the resident purpose.
Pokhran Road = Lying at the foot of Thane’s picturesque Yeoor hills, Pokhran road is
becoming the center of the prominent builders eyes. One of the best planned neighbourhoods in Thane, both Pokhran Road-1 & 2 have all the amenities one would need. Shopping complexes, malls, upcoming multiplexes, the best of education and excellent connectivity by Thanes own TMT bus services.
Pokhran-2 is a long 5 km ride from the Thane railway station, but the refreshingly greenery of the area makes up for the long ride home of the 23 lakes in Thane, the biggest Upvan lake is situated in Pokhran-2. The lake which is surrounded by thick woods fills during the monsoons and stays filled for many months after the rain clouds have dried up and gone.
The Yeoor hills provide a soothing sight, charming you enough to take a trek up its sides on weekends, along with hordes of other holiday-makers. All the complexes are ensured a view of the hills besides offering the home seeker the verdant surroundings of the hills, every builder consciously adds something different to its list of amenities – a lifestyle.
Naupada = This the business & commercial hub of the Thane located just a short walk from the Thane station it’s a lined with stores of the old world and the glitz glass front ones as well as known as the 1960’s this area was largely unexplored with the widening of the Gokhale Road & Ram Maruti, Naupada has become a throbbing shopping area.
Teen Nath Naka = This the junction on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway. This junction connects Thane to Mumbai, Borivali & Ahmedabad. Situated three kms from the station, it has more industrial development than residential. The public transport connects this junction not just to Thane city but to Mumbai via the Central route & to western Mumbai via Borivali. This area is witnessing a gradual development of residential complexes. The area still has lot of lush greenery & is truly away from the madding crowds of the city. An idyllic space to come home to.
Eastern Express Highway = This a fairly long stretch of road connecting Mumbai, Mulund, Thane 7 then going on to join Vashi & then Panvel in the Raigad district. This the highway that connects Mumbai to Pune.
Unlike in other suburbs, the Eastern Express Highway’s run across Thane is quite well developed. While in other suburbs, the highway remains merely a highway, in Thane, it is marked by development of several large residential complexes and well kept roads with the residential populations have come the famous amusement parks and water-parks that are considered to be among the best on this side of Mumbai : namely Tikuji-ni-wadi & Suraj water park. The area is well connected by the city public transport.
This are the features main attraction of the people for residential accommodation
Its young, its planned, its responsible citizens: This is the proud city of Thane. In the recent past, the city has created a hip new image for itself from being just another suburb at the far ends of Mumbai, it is today a fast developing city in its own right.
This growth has been fuelled in a big way by the real estate bcom and the focus of
the concerned authorities on providing its residents with the essential infrastructure , wide roads, regular water and electricity supply, planned markets, reliable public transports all have to widespread development and settlement of this geographically large city.
In this way Thane cities popularity grown day-by-day & increased in the residential accommodation because of the full settled city with all the daily necessities of the people and has the capacity to fulfil the demand of every resident of Thane city whatever is demanded by them at any time and any place & in future also Thane city will reach the sky.
Builders have found their EL Dorado in the green Thane hinterland. The buyer profile has changed as well and now the segment is: middle income. The USP’s of Thanes new real estate developments is peaceful and high quality living environment.
Old Thane- the problem of the city that suffered from poor infrastructure 7 bad maintenance, has morphed into one of the best cities to live in. the plaudits started flowing in and now Thane has it all the older areas have been spread up, while the new developments have been planned right from the start to be of world-class.
Thanks to the strings of the flyovers along the eastern express highway, across to thane by road has become a smooth affair. This coupled with high the quality of projects available result in potential buyers of residential premises realizing true meaning of ‘value for money’. An all inclusive package class amenities, pollution free forest area with lake glore plus modern shopping malls, entertainment and education facilities have attracted peoples towards the Thane & the demand for residential accommodation has increased in the Thane city.
Thane city from its past as a predominant industrial hub to a premium residential area, Ghodbunder road in Thane west has been the story of a positive transaction eminent builders like Hiranandani’s, Raheja’s, Seth developers, Kalpataru, Soham constructions, Vijay group and others are bullish about the area. For daily necessities, most of the complexes have grocery shops, medical stores, local garments shops, although residents prefer shopping in the station area, entertainment facilities like gardens, play grounds, club houses are restricted to residents of the individual complexes.
In terms of entertainment, the region is home to Suraj water park & Tikuji-ni-wadi. The area has no big hotels but trodies should have no complaints with plenty of fast around each corner.
In ancient times, Thane was a prominent centre of trade & economy. History records that Thane was a busy port then with its strategic location between the Yeoor hills and the creek Thane always had a potential for great economic development wagle estate was even purported to be the biggest industrial complex in the whole of Asia. But the newer & more modern developments now pushing Thane back onto the industrial road, the bad patch will soon be etch in history & now the Thane city had developed to a lot extent & had increased residential complexes & also the demand for the people.
In the 40’s, Thane was only famous for the jail & presence of a mental hospital. The old Thane area was the only place with a few shops. For instance, Amruta Jewellers is 125 years old. In the early 60’s, the increasing population necessitated the development of new areas. Naupada, then called the Naupada village, was largely unexplored. In the late 60’s, the then TMC chief Mr Norvel planned the widening of Gokhale road and the surrounding areas including Ram Maruti road. Since this was the first consciously developed area in the city, we find the vast shopping complexes here. Here the crowd is also growing rapidly.
The above all are the features of the new era of Thane because of that people are attracted towards it & the demand assessment for residential accommodation has increased in the green city Thane and in the future it will grow more faster & faster.

By Raj Ashok Phopale

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