“Task Force on Rental Housing” appointed increase quality of rental housing

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The National Urban Housing and Habitat Policy, 2007 (NUHHP) includes the aspect of rental housing in the area for specific action. The NUHHP, 2007 has taken note of the difference between demand and supply for housing and endeavors to assist the poorest of poor who cannot afford to pay the entire price of a house by providing them access to reasonably good housing on rental and ownership basis with suitable subsidization. In pursuance of the policy envisaged under NUHHP, this Ministry has circulated a “Draft Model Residential Tenancy Act” to States for their comments.

The Minister further stated that the Ministry has appointed a “Task Force on Rental Housing” to look at the means of increasing the stock of quality rental houses and to enable private sector to take up rental housing on a mass scale. The Task Force is yet to submit its report, the Minister added.

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