1.7 Lakh sq ft allotment for mill workers’ housing on NTC mill land

By Pallavii Pitale

According to the development control regulations (DCR) of The Mumbai region, owners of defunct mills willing to sell their properties, must give one third of the open space to MHADA for housing mill workers and another one third to the BMC for developing gardens and green zones.

The state of Maharashtra has amended the (DCR) and has incorporated a clause that makes it mandatory for mill owners to hand over the share of open land to the BMC as well as MHADA as prescribed under the integrated development scheme (IDS) within six months of the mill’s closure or six months from the date of the issue of the notification.

Two weeks ago, when the NTC sold its Bharat and Podar mills by having the well known online auctions, the state urban development department (UDD) had instructed the BMC not to sanction any redevelopment plan submitted by the NTC as it had failed to hand over the BMC and MHADA their share of land.

Recently NTC has handed over about 1,70,000 sq ft of land to MHADA for mill workers’ housing that can be built for almost 2500 workers. Another 1,00,000 sq ft of land has been handed over by NTC to BMC for developing gardens and greener zones. 

Finally, the mill workers can hope for better living conditions.

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