1,00,000 flats to be allotted by various Housing Boards

bangaloreBy A T Bureau

Housing Boards in India are all set to bring more than 1 lakh homes of various sizes in various cities and towns of India within three months. Many schemes are in offing and many are in the process of allotment.

Housing Board of the various States of India have been founded for the expansion of the property market and development of well planned and ideally located colony. With an aim to carry out well organized as well as aesthetically designed development programs all over the nation, these housing boards were incorporated by the Government of different states after hard work and strenuous efforts of many months. Housing Board of Indian States is responsible for optimum utilization of the available resources and also for further progressing them towards urbanization. Visit your state housing board by clicking them : Happy house hunting.

Andhra Pradesh Housing Board
Bihar State Housing Board
Chandigarh Housing Board
Delhi Development Authority
Himachal Pradesh Housing & Urban Development Authority
Housing Board Haryana
Kerala State Housing Board
Madhya Pradesh Housing Board
Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority
Orissa State Housing Board
Punjab Urban Planning & Development Authority
Rajasthan Housing Board
Sikkim Urban Development & Housing Department
Tamil Nadu Housing Board
Karnataka Housing Board
Uttar Pradesh Housing Board
Gujarat Housing Board
Goa Housing Board
Chhattisgargh Housing Board

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