2 days left for Real Estate Permissions Seminar

Accommodation Times to host XXV knowledge series on November 30, at All India Institute of Local Self-Government, 1st Floor, STHANIKRAJ BHAVAN, C. D. Barfiwala Marg, Juhu Gali, Andheri (West), Mumbai- 400 058.

The “Real Estate Permissions” seminar is divided into four topics:

  • Environmental Clearance
  • CRZ
  • Civil Aviation
  • Green Building Approval

The topics will be covered by renowned speakers of the industry.

  • Mala Singh: Green Building Approvals
  • Gopal Chiplunkar: CRZ
  • Environmental Clearance: Shri Shekhar Tamhane & Ms Deepa Karnik
  • Civil Aviation: Shri Deviprasad Shetty

Why attend?

The permissions in real estate are as tough as selling flat to someone. The time-consuming mechanism for obtaining permissions has changed in past few years. Previously, it uses to take 2-3 months to obtain NOC, permissions, clearance, etc from the various department but due to green awareness, affordable house in demand and solve of some glitches in real estate has fastened the mechanism by giving approval in 15-20 days.

However, A recent notification by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has delegated to local bodies the power to give environmental clearances for projects with a built-up area between 20,000 sq meters to 50,000 sq meters which have eased green norms for the building and construction sector, it is also said that now it is been increased to 1.5 lakh sq meters. But what above 50,000 sq meters? What are documents required to get clearance in a speedy manner? All these questions revolve around each other.

CRZ has always been the hot topic in real estate, after announcing DCPR 2034 it was highlighted that affordable houses to be built on No Development Zones on salt pans. The question arises how? The base of salt land is already weak and how would this happen? Will it take more time to build houses on salt pans?

Mumbai Date: Friday 30th November 2018.

Time: 2:00 Pm – 6:00 pm

Venue: All India Institute of Local Self-Government, 1st Floor, STHANIKRAJ BHAVAN, C. D. Barfiwala Marg, Juhu Gali, Andheri (West), Mumbai- 400 058

Registration Compulsory:

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