20% Brokerage on offer


corruptionBy Staff Reporter

Which business or profession gives 20% brokerage? Well real estate desperateness have reached the land mark brokerage mark of 20% in Delhi.

Delhi brokers are now bargaining their brokerage in consortium from builders and getting 20% brokerage to be distributed amongst them. Newly established broker houses and firms Investor’s Clinic work on margins and brokerage as high as 20% for either underwritten projects or part thereof.

WTC Gujarat Gift City, have announced 9% brokerage to sell its project at Gujarat. Almost every broker in the state is selling their project and now the trend will soon hit mega cities like Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. In Hyderabad, the margin hunters are already working on nil capital and huge margins.

In Mumbai, 4% brokerage offered by Lokhandwala Builders for a slab of sale, Ajmera Group as % on different scheme and a one BHK flat on achiving targets, 3% by many builders upfront and margins by second home sellers. SoftCorner and Disha Direct working only on margins and not on brokerage.

Other part of country, 5 to 12% brokerages are been offered for pre-launches and finished projects. Housing Finance Companies and their service divisions are asking for margins instead of brokerages. Lunp sum fees for underwriting the projects are been charged and deducted directly from construction finance.

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