20% hike in property circle rates in Gurgaon

Gurgaon: The property circle rates have been revised by district administration in Gurgaon, and it has been affected to property market from Friday.
Current rates have got 2 to 20% hike whereas in different places property rates remains the same, it has been increased by more than 20 per cent at several places.
The district committee met under Deputy Commissioner P C Meena on Thursday before taking any decision regarding the hike in property circle rates had analyzed the prevailing rates. And the revised will be available on official website from Thursday.  
Official said irregularities in collector rates in the outskirts of the cities have also been eliminated. The construction cost in collector rates in almost all ‘tehsil’ areas apart from Gurgaon has been kept uniform, the rates in four ‘tehsils’ for ‘A’ Class construction will be calculated at Rs 650 per square feet, while the rate for ‘B’ Class construction will be Rs 500 per square feet. Similarly, in Manesar, the rates on industrial areas have been fixed at Rs 700 per sq feet. In the residential sector, it will be levied at the rate of Rs 850 per sq feet. Flats in Group Housing Societies with an area of less than two acres in Manesar tehsil will have rate of Rs 2,200 per sq feet.

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