MHADA: 24×7 control room set up

By Accommodation Times Bureau MUMBAI After the recent pre-monsoon survey by MHADA where it was found that 7 seven dilapidated is dangerous, now it has set up a 24x7 control room for these buildings under MHADA’s Repair and Reconstruction Board. MHADA officials have coped to evacuate 286 families from these buildings, officials said.

Cheque issued under settlement under consent term, dishonoured, tantamount to Unfair Trade Practices

By Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi LLB, Ph.D. Jalala Menanon V/s Ayyas Abdul Sayyed (CC006000000000827) Order by Full Bench dated: 13th December 2017 The Complainant alleges that she booked Row house No.1 in Cluster No.6, Spanish Residency situated at Naigaon. On the cancellation of the allotment, the Respondents were liable to refund her money.