Centre approves more 2.6 lakhs affordable houses; Maha gets over 52K houses

MUMBAI Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs on Tuesday approved the construction of  2,67,546 more affordable houses for the benefit of urban poor under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban), a release said. The approval was given in the 36thmeeting of the Central Sanctioning and Monitoring Committee in its meeting held here today. According

What is Objective of Land Revenue Administration?

By Accommodation Times Bureau History: – The history of Land Administration dates back to the olden days of kings and Kingdoms. The Land Revenue was the major source of revenue for the kings. The prosperity of the kingdom was depending upon the levy of tax and its recovery. The Minister of Vijapur

Govt attached Benami Properties valued over Rs 4,300 Cr in June

By Accommodation Times Bureau NEW DELHI The government has attached more than 1,600 Benami Transactions involving Benami Properties valued over Rs 4,300 crores, Shiv Pratap Shukla, Minister of State for Finance said in Rajya Sabha. While replying to question asked he said, the Government of India has taken various steps to identify Benami

Affordable housing: How affordable it is?

By Accommodation Times Bureau The common notion about Mumbai is that real estate is extremely expensive here. While the municipality is working day and night trying to accommodate the ever-increasing population of the city, the city itself is growing in length and breadth to manage the population influx. Well, it is true

Retail development expected to grow by 6.2 million square metre

By Accommodation Times Bureau With the increasing demand among young markets, the growing interests of residents in new lifestyle experiences, as well as the influx of tourists entering the Sultanate of Oman, industry observers are seeing the country’s retail sector to be at a prime position to significantly contribute to the

Challenges faced in secondary real estate market in India

By Accommodation Times Bureau Real estate transactions in India come with their own set of challenges. In the secondary market, the major challenges are on the payment side where a lump sum amount is blocked in the transaction process and the entire amount is at high risk. Cash transactions are another challenge,