How to meet the housing requirement of urban poor

By R K Arora, Chairman, Supertech Limited India is a rapidly urbanising country facing development challenges connected with speedy growth. One of the key challenges for a budding country like India is urban migration, which is further exacerbated by restricted resources to meet intensifying housing demands. The high percentage of labour

Prez nods to bill for ease of reconstruction of dilapidated bldgs in Mumbai

By Accommodation Times News Service NEW DELHI In a move to provide relief to a reconstruction of the dilapidated building in Mumbai, the President of India Ram Nath Kovind has given his nod to three important bills, a source said. The bill includes The Maharashtra Apartment Ownership (Amendment) Bill, the Gujarat Agricultural Lands Ceiling

No construction delay in Delhi Metro Phase III: Puri

By Accommodation Times Bureau NEW DELHI The Housing Minister Hardeep Singh Puri while reply to the question in Rajya Sabha on Thursday he said, the third phase of Delhi Metro has not experienced any delay in constructions and its involves around 190 km rail tracks. The first two phases of Delhi Metro, involved

Permission granted to Dismantle illegal buildings in Kochi

By Accommodation Times News Sercive KOCHI The issue of a person constructing a building on boat jetty premises came to the notice of corporation authorities in the month of April. Based on the enquiry made, it was found that the building was constructed by a person who had entered into an agreement with

Mix reaction of developers on SC’s stay order

By Rohit Sharma MUMBAI After reading the verdict of the Supreme Court, it appears that there is a stay on construction for those states which do not have an SWM policy. Since Maharashtra already has an SWM policy, the stay on all construction would not be applicable to Maharashtra. In case there