365 Devtas vying for survival

Venue : National Highway 21, Chandigarh to Kullu Valley and into Jammu and Kashmir a life line to Indian Army at Leh Incidentally the famous Beas River of Punjab one of the five rivers where Punjab got its name, runs parallel to the highway. The scene is set for the flow of six to seven lakhs of tourist trickling into the valley, the army trucks carrying life saving equipment and food supply to its soldiers who jealously guard the borders of our country.
Scenario after 10-20 years no road, no tourists and no army to guard the borders from intruders and no more Kargil victories. The reason. Man himself.
The growth in tourism has led to mushrooming of hotels. A total of 750 hotels have come up. Any house with 4 rooms has a “to let” sign hung outside. Diminishing forest cover, plagerizing the river bed for stones to be crushed and turned into cement, has led to the river Beas to change its course over many regions. One day of full rainfall causes, the water level to rise upto 14 feet and cause floods, resulting in loss of homes, cattles and human lives.
Construction of roads and tunnels in the mountain have led to loosening of top soil. Blasts for tunneling, hydroelectric projects have also contributed in the loosening of top soil.
Strict guidelines have to be adhered to regarding any type of construction by the Government and the private builders, consolidation of the construction projects should be adapted.
Stringent rules have to be implemented on the construction of any building along the river bank. Polythene bags have unleased a havoc in the country and Kullu Valley is also reeling under the impact of this menace. This plastic monster is leading to all types of danger to the environment. This menace has to be curbed. This problem is being tackled internationally and our contribution should be of prime importance. Recent studies have shown that among the developing countries India is the biggest user of polythene bags.
Development and progress are a necessity but not at the cost of lives and future. Construction Industry the major revenue earner for the country should adopt certain norms and not pose a danger to the environment. All that is tranquil and sanctious should be protected. God has created this universe but now it is our duty to preserve it. Where now 365 Gods live peacefully in the arms of Kullu Valley, in the near future due floods may be rendered homeless.

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