377 homeless people die in Delhi due to extreme heat

By Accommodation Times News Services

Homeless DelhiAs the temperature is soaring up drastically day-by-day, the heat is becoming unbearable, in Delhi the temperature has reached to 46 degrees, the high temperature has caused life of around 377 homeless people in the Capital.

During past 45 days it is noted that around 377 homeless people have died to be extreme heat, the Centre for Holistic Development (CHD), has demanded an action plan that takes care of homeless people during summer.

A member from CHD claims that, homeless people living in open during summer dies of extreme heat every year and no measures are taken by Delhi government to ensure that homeless people are protected during summer. The government prepares action plan for winter but it has no plan for the homeless during summer.

Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB), which takes care of providing shelters to the homeless people claims that, they are implementing all necessary measures to provide shelters for homeless and takes care of the basic necessities.

An official said, “Our shelters are available for the homeless though the occupancy remains less during summer. We provide coolers and fans at most of the shelters and about 40% of the total homeless are permanent members.”

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