4,000 Houses for Central Armed Police Forces Personnel to be Constructed

By Accommodation Times Bureau
4,000 residential quarters are to be constructed for Central Armed Police forces. Rs. 1185 crores has been allocated for this purpose in the Union Budget 2012-13 presented in Lok Sabha recently.

In this project, 228 sites have been identified across the country where lands are available with the CAPFs and construction can be taken up. These sites have been grouped into 39 clusters, which have further been clubbed into 4 lots. Approximately 57787 houses and 348 barracks are proposed to be constructed. Earlier it was proposed to construct 64643 houses and 536 barracks at 262 sites in 5 lots. The remaining 6856 houses and 188 barracks will be now constructed through CPWD/PWOs as a part of works programme of CAPFs.

Ministry of Home Affairs is taking steps to provide adequate housing to the CAPFs. In the 11th Five Year Plan the Planning Commission approved an allocation of Rs.2500 crore for Police Housing under Residential Building (Plan). In the first four years the allocation at BE stage for Annual Plan 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11 was Rs.150.00 crore, Rs.250.00 crore, Rs.270.00 crore and Rs.297.40 crore respectively. In 2011-12, an amount of Rs.487.90 crore was allocated under the scheme at BE stage which has been augmented to Rs.719.29 crore at the RE stage.

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