447 projects in Mumbai offering less than Rs.80 Lakh

tenancyBy Accommodation Times News Services

Just click on any listing web site and select budget between Rs.30 Lakh to Rs.80 Lakh, you will find more than 400 ready / under construction projects below Rs.80 Lakh. A huge stock is piling up and by Dewali, market is expecting more 4 crore sq ft to be added as new launch. Four new projects in Goregaon East costing Rs.80 Lakh and 3 bhk costing Rs.1.7 crore.

Mumbai and its suburbs are having huge stock and that too at very affordable rates if you know how to bargain. Builders are ready for negotiations and wants to sell their inventories quickly because of  pressure from Financiers and funds they have used. Many nationalised banks have declared such loans as NPA and more than 33 companies are under Official Liquidator hammer for winding up process.

Listing sites and information on search engines have made search more confusing when apart from builder himself, brokers are also selling the same projects and listing it. It is better to buy from broker and he make sure you save time and money since he knows the rock bottom price.

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