“4th Dimension Architecture” is an accurate documentation of my Professional Life: Ar. Chandrakant Patel

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Chandrakant Patel4th Dimension Architecture charts Architect Chandrakant Patel’s journey from his days of studying architecture in Europe to what he has become today, most importantly, becoming the man behind The Stock Exchange, Bombay building along the way.

From being Alvar Aalto’s protégé to designing iconic buildings in Mumbai under a few well-known architecture firms to starting his own architectural firm, Ar. Patel documents his journey in his own words through this book. The book is divided into chapters according to chronological events in Ar. Patel’s life.

1. What is the book about?

The book, “4th Dimension Architecture” is an accurate documentation of my Professional Life; in my more than 5 decades of practice of Architecture, I have been able to give India some of its landmark structures; though the book is about my architectural practice, it is not intended to be my ‘bandwagon’. It is about the kind of design ideas & path breaking construction technology I have used, way-back in 1970s, which even today is being implemented as modern technology. In a nutshell, the book is about Architecture & Planning, I am sure, it shall teach the aspiring designers to enhance their creative skills, at the same time respect the nature, while inculcating the best of technology;

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