50 Lakh homes built under Indira Awas Yojana captured by MLAs: Report

corruptionBy Accommodation Times News Services

10593557 homes were constructed, as claimed by Report of Working Group on XII Five Year Plan Sept 2011 from 2007-08 in Rural India out of which almost 50% pocketed by Politicians.

The Report in its 18th page said  “The Eleventh Plan document also noted irregularities in the method of selection of IAY beneficiaries. It stated “25 to 50 per cent of the beneficiaries are not being selected through the Gram Sabhas. Allocation among panchayats has been influenced by PRIs/MLAs. The vocal and active segments of beneficiaries influence the selection process. The poorest among BPL households are left out and non?BPL families get selected. Besides, illegal gratification of PRIs is a common complaint brought out by several studies.”


The Report further emphasised the thrust to filter the needy as ”

The socio?economic and caste census for India 2011 is underway at the time of finalising this report. In the current process, the 13 parameters adopted for the BPL survey of 2002 have been replaced with a fresh methodology which is expected to be more objective than the previous one. Under the new methodology, rural households have been classified as under :


  1. First, a set of households that clearly do not need government assistance are EXCLUDED.


  1. Second, a set of households are compulsorily INCLUDED – all households that are without a shelter belong to this category.


  1. Third, remaining households are RANKED as per the number of deprivation indicators including the quality of their house.


It is hoped that such a process would simplify the process of identification of those families that truly require government assistance for housing and minimise various kinds of pressures that might influence the process.

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