52 old government buildings which pose threat to public razed down in Virudhunagar

Illegal-constructionsBy Accommodation Times Bureau


In Virudhunagar district 52 damaged government buildings were identified and demolished.
A Sivagnanam,  district collector of Virudhunagar  said that “Old buildings were being demolished by the PWD, revenue and rural development agency in the district, to ensure public safety.”

The buildings that were demolished were schools, including Vetrillaimuruganpatti panchayat union primary school building, a school building in Vijayrengapuram in Vembakottai panchayat, Vadamalai Kurichi government higher secondary school building, the Thenoor panchayat union primary school in Kariapattipanchayat union.

Among other building that was razed to the ground was an unoccupied building constructed in poramboke land in Kananjampatti village, Narikudi panchayat union office building, an overhead tank in Veeracholan village.

Collector added, the old buildings which pose threat to the public will continue to be assessed and will be demolished.

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