87 CWG flats auctioned with highest bid of Rs.7.31cr

By Accommodation Times Bureau

NEW DELHI: The disputed 110 common wealth games flats those haven’t got High Court consent over excess construction, today 87 flats auctioned with the highest bid for a dwelling going beyond Rs 7.31 crore. Sale of tenders and their submission for the flats went on till 2 pm today and later the bids were opened for all the 110 flats put on sale.
There are several big companies participated in bid including SBI, HPCL, ONGC and others bid for a large number of flats whereas individuals were less in number.
According to the senior DDA official, we have received 218 bids for 87 flats and finalized. He added that SBI and HPCL had quoted the highest amount in a large number of flats.
The highest bidder need not be assured of a confirmed allotment as the final decision rested with a competent authority.
As per the statement for press issued by the Delhi Development Authority says, Delhi State Cooperative Bank Limited emerged the highest bidder, quoting Rs 7.31 crore for a 281 square metre flat at Rs 2.59 lakh per sq metre. The reserved price for the eighth floor flat was Rs 5.21 crore (Rs 1.85 lakh per sqm) and the bid was an increase of 40.23 per cent from the reserved one, the release said.
However, the statement said, the highest rate of Rs 2.6 lakh per sqm was offered against Rs 1.85 lakh per sqm for another flat for which a bid of Rs 7.27 crore was received against reserve price of Rs 5,17 crore, it said.

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