Case against the builders, not signing conveyance deed & transferring land of housing projects to societies.

By Accommodation Times Bureau Pune:The Pune District Co-operative Housing Federation has requested the state government to file criminal cases against the builders, who are not signing conveyance deed and transferring the land of housing projects to societies. Suhas Patwardhan, the chairman of Pune District Co-operative Housing Federation told, "Builders are unwilling to transfer the land because they want to continue to have

Stamp duty on Deemed Conveyance Deeds

Accommodation Times News Services By Advocate K K Ramani To Hon’ble Chief Minister. Government of Maharashtra Mantralaya, Mumbai 400 032 Sub:       Stamp duty on Deemed Conveyance Deeds. Respected Sir, Presently, some Collectors of Stamps in Mumbai demanding Building Completion Certificate for adjudicating the stamp duty on the Deemed Conveyance on the basis of Circular dated 26th November,

Conveyance Deed still a dream for flat buyers in Maharashtra

By Accommodation Times Bureau The procurement of deemed conveyance when first introduced in 2008, the decision was considered as a landmark to protect the interest of the buyers.  But if we see today scarcely only 88,000 housing societies have applied for it, making more worse the situation the land that has

Deemed Conveyance FAQs from CIDCO, Navi Mumbai

Accommodation Times News Services   Frequently asked Questions about Deemed Conveyance   Q.1)  What is Conveyance? Ans. Granting of Lease or Transfer of lease of land by CIDCO to Co-Operative Housing Society or to an Apartment Owners Association or a Company is known as Conveyance.   Q.2). How Conveyance is done?   Ans. For granting of lease by CIDCO,

Deemed Conveyance as per the provisions of MOFA

By Accommodation Times News Service By K K Ramani, (Advocate) The Section 92 of Central Act has repealed the Maharashtra Housing Act.  The Maharashtra Housing Act 2014 itself having been repealed, MOFA will continue to operate. State Act MOFA and Central Real Estate Act both will be enforceable simultaneously in the State

Conveyance in favour of Society

              By Accommodation Times News Service By Mr. Avikshit Moral & Mr. Mustafa Motiwala There is an obligation on the part of every Promoter to complete his title and convey to the Society the rights in respect of the land on which the building has been constructed. This obligation has been provided under

Deemed Conveyance = A Fiction

By Accommodation Times News Service By Adv. Hemant Agarwal 01. ANTICIPATIONS & APPREHENSIONS: Successive State Govt., has consistently wished to transform India's Mumbai into China's Shanghai, irrespective of the fact, that Mumbai has umpteen number of near-probable legal slums with G+2 tin structures, alongwith the highest building of averaging 40 floors, housing maybe