Sale of Terraces in a society

Accommodation Times News Services By Avikshit Moral and Mr. Akanksh Bhardwaj As per the Merriam Webster Dictionary, a terrace has been defined as a flat roof or open platform. Some developers of the co-operative housing societies/buildings resort to the unfair practice of selling the roof top/terrace. A common easement of the housing

Before Formation of Society why Builder can not Allot Parking ?

By Accommodation Times News Services Because builder/developer/promoter are entitle to deal with the FSI, not about the space which is not considered in FSI. When the flat purchaser comes in Sathe Khat or/ Agreement to Sell (which must have to register under MOFA/ Apartment Act) with the builder and pay the

Society can cancel parking slot allotted by Builder

By Accommodation Times News Services The question is does society have to approve or agree the parking allotment done by builder? Ans: NO, it’s totally depends on society to accept or reject the allotment. It’s not binding on society to accept parking lots as they are. In this regard, the MCS by law

Express Contract necessary for society redevelopment : Bombay High Court

By Accommodation Times Bureau Mr.Gopi Gorwani VS. Jeevan Prabha Co-operative H. Soc. Ltd.Dt. August 30, 2012 IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE AT BOMBAY APPEAL NO.335 OF 2012 IN NOTICE OF MOTION NO.1394 OF 2012 IN SUIT NO.1330 OF 2012 Mr.Gopi Gorwani … Appellant VERSUS Jeevan Prabha Co-operative Housing Society Ltd. and ors. … Respondents Mr.Venkatesh Dhond, Senior advocate i/b Raval

Formation of Co-operative Housing Society

By Adv. Vinod Sampat a) Formation of Co-operative Housing Society Practically every developer has to form a Co-operative Housing Society at one point of time or another. With the limited amount of options available with regard to management of the affairs of the building i.e. (a) Condominium (b) Private Limited Company and

Society Redevelopment is Not Transfer in society’s hands

Raj Ratan Palace Co-op Hsg Soc vs. DCIT (ITAT Mumbai)- The assessee-society had merely given permission to the developer to construct on the society’s land. No part of the land was ever transferred by the society. The Society continued to be the owner of the land and no change in

Society FAQs

Q.1. Which are the books of accounts that have to be maintained by the Society ? Q. 2 Rules on proposed additions and alterations by a member ? Q.3. Can the Society amend the Bye-laws ? Can the Society frame Bye-Law ? Q. 4. How to transfer flat to associates member