Conversion charges in illegal colonies reduce by 50%

By Accommodation Times Bureau Haryana Cabinet approved the amendment in the policy parameters for conversion of residential plots for commercial use and regularization of illegal conversions in Rehabilitation, Town Planning and Improvement Trust Schemes located within the municipal limit. Under the Amendment, the conversion charges or fee has been reduced to 50 per cent. For

Unauthorized structures can be legalized by paying charges

By Accommodation Times ( The owners of illegal buildings can heave sigh of relief, who have built buildings close to the scheduled roads as well as along with the National Highways, as state government has decided to legalize these buildings by applying charges. Whereas, six months period has given to the

Charges Received from members by Society are not taxable under Income Tax

By Accommodation Times Bureau ITO vs. Venkatesh Premises Co-op Society Ltd (Supreme Court) Principles of Mutuality: Receipts by housing co­-operative societies such as non­-occupancy charges, transfer charges, common amenity fund charges and certain other charges from their members are exempt from income-tax based on the doctrine of mutuality. The fact that the

Maharashtra Govt Issue Rules To Regularize Pre-2015 Illegal Structures

By Accommodation Times Bureau The state urban development department on October 7 has issued rules for illegal structures to get them legalized paying the predefined penalty. The illegal constructions carried out before December 31, 2015 in residential, commercial and industrial zones , all will be considered for declaration as 'compounded structure; on payment of compounding charges. Once the

Maharashtra Cabinet sanctions regularization on Illegal Buildings

  By Accommodation Times Bureau The state cabinet of Maharashtra has sanctioned the issuance of an ordinance to enable regularization of unauthorized constructions built before December 31, 2015. The legislative assembly had approved the amendment of the Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act to enable regularization; however the council had not cleared it. An official from the

FAQs on Fees Charges to be charged by the Society

By Accommodation Times News Service Q1 Can Service charges are charged per area of gala? Ans. As per provisions under bye-laws no. 69 (6) there is a provision to charge the service charges to all flat in equal proportion.   Q2 What is the composition of the charges of the Society? Ans. The contribution which can be

Non-Occupancy charges received by Housing society not taxable

By Accommodation Times News Services Assessee has challenged the addition of Rs.30,914/- made by the Assessing Officer on account of non-occupancy charges as income from the business not covered under the principles of “mutuality”. Learned AR submitted that the assessee’s case is covered by the decision of the ITAT Mumbai Bench

Levy of Charges in Housing Societies

By Accommodation Times News Services The contribution to be collected from the members of  the society towards outgoing and establishment of its funds, referred to in this bye-laws as ‘the charges’ may be in relation to the following: (i) Property taxes, (ii) Water Charges, (iii) Common Electricity Charges,(iv) Contribution to Repairs

Service charges in Coop. Society

Accommodation Times News Services By Hemant Agarwal, Legal Consultant SERVICE & MAINTENANCE CHARGES: 01.  Under, "The Maharashtra Co-Operative Societies Act I960",  ONLY a Registered Coop. Society,  is entitled to duly levy and recover "Service & Maintenance Charges" from its registered members. a)    The Society CANNOT levy or recover any charges from non-registered members. b)    The Society can levy service charges