Ordinance to amend Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act 1960: All you need to know

By K. K. Ramani (Advocate) The Maharashtra Cooperative Societies (Third Amendment) Ordinance 2018 promulgated by the Governor of Maharashtra brings about significant changes in the Cooperative Societies Act, mainly to cater to the issues of cooperative housing societies. Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Act, as it stood, is designed to regulate the affairs

Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 – Amendments 2013

By Accommodation Times News Services Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 - Amendments 2013 vide Ordinance dated 14 February, 2013 By- Mr. Fazalahmed B. Khan Former Deputy Secretary, Urban Development Department, Government of Maharashtra 1. The recital of an Act

Maharashtra Co-operative Societies (Second Amendment) Act 2018: All You Need To Know

The sub-section (4), section 166 of the principal Act is been removed. By Rohit Sharma MUMBAI The members of the committee and its office bearers not only have to co-terminus of the committee after five years from the date of election but also the members shall be deemed to have vacated their offices

New Chapter: housing societies can conduct elections if less than 200 members

By Rohit Sharma MUMBAI: Now, the housing society can self-conduct elections of the committee if the society has less than or up to 200 Members, according to Maharashtra Co-operative Societies (Third Amendment) Act, 2018. “The Governor of Maharashtra was satisfied that circumstances existed which rendered it necessary for him to take immediate action further

Maha state to have separate office for cooperative housing societies

By Accommodation Times Bureau MUMBAI The State Cooperation Minister, Subhash Deshmukh on Monday said that the Maharashtra government will set up a different office for issues related to cooperatives housing societies to safeguard the interest of residents. Deshmukh informed that “The new chapter will be ready in 3-4 months. Some new rules will

Co-operative movement facing a slow death

By S S Nair Accommodation Times Bureau   The Maharashtra  StateCo-operative Act, Rules and bye-laws were framed to encourage co-operative feeling among the people and as an instrument to inculcate the co-operative moment.   Whenever amendments of the Act, rules and bye-laws are made people were expecting that something new and innovative ways will be

Case against the builders, not signing conveyance deed & transferring land of housing projects to societies.

By Accommodation Times Bureau Pune:The Pune District Co-operative Housing Federation has requested the state government to file criminal cases against the builders, who are not signing conveyance deed and transferring the land of housing projects to societies. Suhas Patwardhan, the chairman of Pune District Co-operative Housing Federation told, "Builders are unwilling to transfer the land because they want to continue to have