Kerala Floods: NHB to provide concessional refinance for construction, repair houses

By Rohit Sharma THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Financial Services Secretary Rajiv Kumar on August 29 in its tweet said, for construction and repair of houses affected by Kerala floods, Rs 200 crore allocated from refinance scheme of National Housing Bank (NHB) under the Affordable Housing Fund to facilitate Housing Loan at a concessional interest rate to houses Kumar

NHB to discourage direct Selling Agents,by framing legislations

  By Accommodation Times Bureau The housing finance regulator (NHB) is trying to frame out rules to discourage direct selling agents, from facilitating loan takeover among mortgage companies. This, although, would affect consumer's freedom to transfer to another lender within a specified time, the NHB (National Housing Bank) is aiming to ensure that borrowers do not

NHB new Residex to be come up within this year

By Accommodation Times News Service Revamped NHB Residex, the residential housing price index prepared by the National Housing Bank (NHB), will be ready next year, said Sriram Kalyanaraman, MD & CEO of NHB. The bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of the RBI, is in charge of the preparation of the index

NHB warns HFCs to disburse home loans linked to the stages of construction

By Accommodation Times News Services National Housing Bank (NHB) has issued notice to all the housing finance companies (HFCs) to discontinue disbursing housing loans to the individuals irrespective of the stages of construction. Recently NHB noticed that, the numbers of loan disbursement are increasing where home loans are granted to individuals

Housing Finance sector is working better than any other segment in economy: Kalyanraman, MD & CEO, NHB

By Accommodation Times News Service By Nimisha Gupta 1. What are the corrections with the residential index for January-March period? What are the recent price trends? Ans: The NHB RESIDEX is currently being reworked with base year changes, and is expected to be published by third quarter of this year. It will be

RBI raises shareholding in NHB by 1,000crore

By Accommodation Times News Service The move is aimed at facilitating NHB to expand financial operations given the demand for housing in the country. Reserve Bank of India has increased its shareholding in National Housing Bank by contributing Rs 1,000 crore towards the paid capital. "The Reserve Bank has contributed Rs 1,000crore towards