NIFM organizes seminar on Policy and Regulatory Framework for Algorithm/ High Frequency Trading in Capital

By Accommodation Times Bureau A seminar on ‘Policy and Regulatory Framework for Algorithm/ High Frequency Trading in India’ was organised in New Delhi today by the Department of Economic Affairs and the National Institute of Financial Management (NIFM). “Fair access and zero tolerance to manipulative practices is what regulations for algo

Property Valuations & Banks

Property Valuations & Banks By V. Leeladhar, Chairman Indian Banks Association The Institute of valuers conducted the R. Doreswamy memorial lecture which was given by Sri. V. Leeladhar, Chairman Indian Banks Association and M.D. Union Bank, here in Bangalore. Following are the excerpts of from the lecture : “ I am glad to be given


Introduction The Shanghai Story In 1987, Shanghai was dimly lit, unpainted financial wreck, at a time when China would soon be reeling from the international backlash following the bloody Tiananman crackdown. However, with Zhu Rongji’s term as mayor from 1987 to 1991, the city witnessed vast renaissance like improvements. “One-chop Zhu” –

Green Affordable Homes: Future of Sustainable Real Estate Development

  By Accommodation Times News Service Green Homes in layman’s language or today understood is a healthier, more comfortable more durable and more energy efficient and have a much smaller environment footprint than conventional homes.  Green homes have become more prevalent we have also seen the emergence of green affordable housing.  The

Water is Precious – Catch Every Drop

By Dr Sunder Ram Korivi The water-diamond paradox is well known to students of economics. Diamonds are precious because they are rare, but water is not considered worth buying because it is available free. Yet, all of us know that it is impossible to live without water, and diamonds can be given

Union Budget Highlights

By Accommodation Times News Services “Kalangathu Kanda Vinaikkan Thulangkathu Thookkang Kadinthu Seyal” (What clearly eye discerns as right, with steadfast will And mind unslumbering, that should man fulfil) - Saint Tiruvalluvar 1 Key Features of Budget 2013-2014 THE ECONOMY AND THE CHALLENGES Getting back to potential growth rate of 8 percent is the challenge facing the country.