Maintenance Menace

By Accommodation Times News Services By Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi Greenery all over, nature, country side smell of earth and a lucrative promise by second home developer to give exponential increase in capital value i.e. increase in value of a second home or a piece of plot whether NA or not without any

FSI cap not increased in Mumbai

By Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi The FSI is still 2 inclusive of TDR. The government of Maharashtra have notified one and half year back cabinet decision to impose use of 0.33 from the TDR quantity. Suppose a plot is 100 sq.ft. and FSI is one. One FSI plus 0.33 premium FSI plus

Mumbai FSI : Old wine in new bottle

By Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi We know that last CM had ordered and GR to this effect was issued that FSI of 33% will be sold by state government on ready recknor rate which will reduce TDR applicability to 67% instead of 100%. Nothing is new. The current CM and BMC commissioner had

State to regulate houses built on its lands

By Accommodation Times News Service KALYAN Major relief to people residing in Ambernath and Kalyan on government lands, Cabinet on September 4 cleared the proposal to regularize all these buildings. The residents would be required to pay 62.5 per cent of the cost who are staying in houses built on government land,

BMC Extorting in the name of Taxes

By Accommodation Times News Services By Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi Every year, in the month of November, Local self Governments open their assessment books. Last year, BMC did open its books for assessment for suggestions and objections. From January month, BMC started slapping Property Tax bills to citizen with new enhanced taxes and

Being a Urban Development Minister

By Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi Ever since ULC Act is repealed in most of the states, Urban Development (UD) Minister are left with very little administrative work on the chair. Many a times, chief ministers do not part with the port folio of UD hence Minister for state or of a cabinet

Society FAQs

Q.1. Which are the books of accounts that have to be maintained by the Society ? Q. 2 Rules on proposed additions and alterations by a member ? Q.3. Can the Society amend the Bye-laws ? Can the Society frame Bye-Law ? Q. 4. How to transfer flat to associates member