FAQ on Karnataka Housing Co-operative Society

By Accommodation Times News Services 1)   What are the norms for the registration of House Building Co-operative societies. ? Persons who are interested to form House Building Co-operative societies should conduct a meeting. In that meeting the name of the society, Area of operation and its objects and a minimum of 09

Maharashtra co-operative society act

By Legal Cell Amendments to the Maharashtra co-operative society act, 1960. Mahrashtra Act No. VII of 1997. (First published after having received that assent of the Governor, in the “Maharashtra Governmetn Gazette’ on the 2nd January 1997). An Act further to amend the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960. WHEREAS it is expedient further to

Can a co-operative Housing Society refuse to admit a person as a member belonging to other religion/caste/community?

By Accommodation Times News Services By Bankimchandra Khona, solicitor. There are few Co-operative societies wherein membership to the Co-operative  Society is restricted to particular community or religion                       or caste. At the time of admitting the member, declarations and undertakings are taken from such intending member that the intending member belongs to particular religion

RTI ACT…for Co-operative Society, Applicability?

By Accommodation Times News Service By Adv.Hemant Agarwal In general anticipation of at least a consolation relief, scores of Society members and related activists have been consistently yearning for the Coop. Societies to come within the ambit of the Right to Information Act. CONTRARY to the increasing yearning!!!! : 01. Direct application of "Right

Co-operative Housing Society Tribunal at Goa

Accommodation Times Bureau Sec 137. Seat of the Co-operative Tribunal.— (1) The seat of the Goa Co-operative Tribunal shall be at Panaji, but the co-operative tribunal may sit at any other place convenient for the transaction of the business, which the President, with the approval of the State Government, may, by general or special

Formation of Co-operative Housing Society

By Adv. Vinod Sampat a) Formation of Co-operative Housing Society Practically every developer has to form a Co-operative Housing Society at one point of time or another. With the limited amount of options available with regard to management of the affairs of the building i.e. (a) Condominium (b) Private Limited Company and