HISTORY OF LAND REVENUE CODES --------------------------- From the Year 1540 A.D By O P Monga Posted on 10 July 2002 From time immemorial mankind had distinct association with LAND. Infact primitive lifestyle was basically landbased.Land is one of the major 'five elements of nature.Almost all-Cultures,Civilisations and Empire were landoriented. Even mighty Aryans after a long

Land Revenue Code

TO IDENTIFY RECORD OF RIGHTS OR 7/12 EXTRACT OF AN ADIWASI LAND. By : B.P. Sachinwalla Architect. Posted on 10th July 2002 Elavirating further on the specialized subject of restriction of transfer of Adiwasi Lands and it’s relevant factors, I hereby recapitulate some of the eminent points of serious considerations for

Land Revenue Code

Non Agricultural permission It is the Permission granted for conversion of agricultural use for various non agricultural uses for the land assessed on used for agricultural purpose. In a simplified version it is just the “CHANGE IN USE” of the land. If the land is assessed or held for the purpose

Owning Land is nightmare in India

By Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi, LLB, PhD Land Revenue Code, as adopted by every state have made land ownership a hardship and nightmare. Apart from legal issues and government prerogative to acquire land, encroachments and land mafia who place slum on your land to demand ransom is in offing. Land lord are

Lavasa Corporation not willing to return the land to tribal people

By Accommodation Times News Services Lavasa Corporation the creators of Lavasa City are not willing to return the 191 acres of land to the local tribals, which is actually declared as ‘tribal land’ and owned by them. State government has ordered the developers to return the land to the tribals, but a

Process for buying Agricultural Land

Accommodation Times News Services By Murari Chaturvedi The agricultural land fascinates the urban populace, but acquiring it is often lengthy process and conditions to fulfill. The process to buy agricultural land, which experts say, may not weigh too heavy on your pocket; and gives tax free income. However, buying agricultural land is