Infrastructure: The Key Real Estate Investment Criterion

Accommodation Times News Services By Anil Pharande, CMD – Pharande Spaces We keep hearing the term 'market drivers' being used in real estate. What are they? Market drivers can be defined as developments in an area that increase the value of living there. It is a well-established fact that infrastructure is by far

Real Estate Investment

Accommodation Times News Services By Editor-in-Chief, Murari Chaturvedi, Transparency in real estate deals is there in India which was not there before. It is observed from time to time that real estate prices are a function of liquidity in the system and the market sentiment. Presently the real estate market is at

Ahmedabad the new real estate investment destination

By Accommodation Times News Services Ahmedabad, straddling the river Sabarmati, is the largest city of Gujarat. Also known as Amdavad, it is now the administrative center and seventh largest agglomeration in India with a population of approximately 5.6 mn. located at approximately 32 Kms. The city is divided by the Sabarmati