Residential Property Registration Process

Accommodation Times News Services By Advocate Vijay Singh As per the Law, one cannot own a property if he has not registered under section 49 of the Indian Registration Act, 1908. A certificate of Registration is the proof that a document has been registered; it is not proof that it has been

Recent Trends in Residential Property Prices in India: An exploration using housing loan data by RBI

By Accommodation Times News Services Central banks monitor developments in property prices in view of their prime objectives of price stability, financial stability and growth. The Reserve Bank of India initiated an information system on residential property prices, viz. ‘Residential Asset Price Monitoring System’, to track movements of residential property prices

Residential Property sales plummet by 70percent in Mumbai

Mumbai: According to the recent reports country’s flamboyant real estate market has dropped by 70% and that is Mumbai since its peak of 2007. As the high-rise property prices and rising interest has ruined the property market, market experts said. The report further said that, “unsold inventory levels are estimated to

RBI warns of spiralling prices of residential property

MUMBAI: The Reserve Bank of India has observed that residential property prices are shooting up in most of the major cities, especially in Delhi and Bangalore , while in Mumbai it seems to have reached a plateau. According to the 'Macroeconomic and monetary developments second quarter review by the RBI',

Demand For Residential Property Boosted By Returning NRIs

This year, an estimated 25 million NRIs living in 130 countries have remitted US$52 billion. In fact, India topped the list of countries in remittance flow followed by China and Mexico, World Bank report on Migration and Development Brief revealed. This year, migrant remittance flow to developing countries will be around

Owners of commercial property paying residential tax

By Accommodation Times Bureau South Delhi commercial property owners have had it big time from the MCD as they have converted their residential property into commercial but paying tax of residential. The MCD organizations has made a list and decided to send notice to the owners. Officials say that we will

New Property tax system, sigh of relief for new building residential

By Accommodation Times Bureau Mumbai: Following to lots of pressure from residential, on this Thursday Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) tabled the a new property tax system before the standing committee to make sure that taxes will be less comparatively earlier proposed tax rates. As per the new property tax system those