A range of Intelligent water heaters by Racold

With more and more people and industries opting for greener practices, various industries are also coming up with variety of products that are green and save either water or electricity. With increasing concerns of global warming and ever rising energy prices, products that systematically cut down on monthly power bills is an option worth investing for  the future.

Racold Thermo Ltd, one of the leading manufacturer and seller of water heaters in India, has introduced India’s first range of Intelligent Water heaters. Primo as the range is named, has a stunning new look which adds an aesthetic touch to the modern day bathrooms and has a revolutionary water-heating control technology. It is a water heater with an Intelligent Timer which provides hot water exactly at the time when one needs it.

There are 2 daily programs, by which the user can decide upon setting the water availability time. The heater calculates backwards the start heating time, and as a result, at the set program time, the tank gets full with hot water ready to use when actually required and thereby saves on the power resulting in lesser electricity bills. The water heater can  provide hot water at any required time by using the manual mode too.

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