Accommodation Times Gearing for National Real Estate Awards

IMG_5925Running into its 24th year of publication, Accommodation Times will present 24th National Real Estate Award in February 2010. Awards nominations will acceptance will start in November 2009. The most prestigious Awards will be presented at Nehru Centre Auditorium, Worli, Mumbai.
Keep watching these pages for registration to attend the Award function where 18 categories of Awards will be presented to excellence in various feilds of Real Estate.
The Categories are:
1. Architect of the year
2. Project of the year Mumbai
3. Project of the year Bangalore
4. Project of the year Pune
5. Project of the year Delhi
6. Project of the year Chennai
7. Commercial Project of the year
8. Mass Housing project of the year
9. Redevelopement Project of the year
10. Housing Finance Company of the year
11. Legal Aspects / writter of the year
12. Web portal of the year
13. Marketing Concept of the year
14. Journalist of the year
15. Social Reponsibility and service
16. Special Service of the year
17. Young Achiver of the year
18. Man of the year.

Send your request for further assistance for nominations. We do not want any monetary figures to judge but all the aspect of the category, as such there is nomination forms. Please click here for assistance.

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