Accommodation Times roadshow and knowledge conference now in Hong Kong

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By Accommodation Times News Service

Meet the high profiles HNI’s, Brokers and Institutional Investors

Date & Day  : 12th July 2014 , Saturday

Venue :  Hong Kong

Accommodation Times is once again back with Road Show Cum Knowledge Conferences along with free educative lecture. Conference cum high profiled Brokers, Investors meet and sellers meet, so that buyers and sellers can meet personally and deal. In this fora, there will be a road show in which builders and developers from India will show case their ventures to the visitors like high profiled brokers, corporate, NRIs, HNIs and buyers. Exclusive previews and direct negotiation with clients along with Data.

After the Successful Road shows in the following Cities

  •   Mumbai
  •   Delhi
  •  Bangalore
  •   Dubai
  •   Muscat

Now in City of Investors


 Why Hong Kong:-

Hong Kong’s economic growth has meant that the development of land has long been a major contributor to the creation of employment and financial prosperity, and the industry as a whole continues to be a major force helping this vibrant city to remain the principal international financial hub of the Asia Pacific region. On a brighter note, there is an improvement in equity investments outlook in Asia among Hong Kong investors in 2014 compared to the previous year. This year, most Hong Kong investors consider Asia to be offering the best equity opportunities (37 per cent) and in the long run (47 per cent). Hence, this is the best time to explore your business in Hong Kong market and attract investors.


For Participation in Hongkong Roadshow:-

Pawan Singh- 09167998385

KawalJeet Singh- 09167998387

Roshni Chheda – 09167998383



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