Adjudication of papers compulsory for paying stamp duty

Aftermath of land scam in Borivali, Sub-registrars have been divided into seven counters. The Stamp Duty have to be paid after adjudication only. No documents are registreared by the authorities for want of transparent process.

In other 5 zonal offices, now token are given from the website of Stamp Duty and Registration. On phone adjudication is closed as of now.

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3 thoughts on “Adjudication of papers compulsory for paying stamp duty

  1. there is so much corruption in this dept and hence this fraud. more transparency is required.there are more agents in borivali than genuine parties. often they block the tel lines and tokens are alloted to them. or they can even gate crash without a token and register their deeds by speed money.

  2. We have been a society formed in 2000 where the previous landlord has transferred the existing building to the existing tenants.An amount has beeen deposired in 2000 itself.No communication has been recieved since the last few years.The matter seemingly is pending for adjudication.
    What is the position of the society since no headway is being made after many requests.

  3. mr rao,
    u can go personally to the adjudication dept and check out the sttus. if threis any deficit u can clear the same by paying th balance.

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