Advancements in construction technologies are captivating the Indian construction industry to the next level

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By Hardik Pandit, Director, 3D Architecture Pvt. Ltd.

Hardik PanditIndian construction industry is mature and has its set practices and systems. However the need for extensive innovations in the technologies has been realized due to problems such as low productivity, many construction waste and materials, worker’s accidents that are caused by the labor intensive works performed in job-site. To solve the problems, advanced technologies such as industrialization, prefabrication modularization, mechanization, automation and computerization have been researched and developed with concepts and methods to improve quality and productivity. The construction systems aimed to change styles of building construction to that of factory production through sophistications of developed technologies, methodologies and concepts.


Precast is an industrialized way to build residential and commercial building safely and affordably. This improves productivity, quality and shortens construction time of a building thus lowering total construction and lifetime costs. It is a suitable solution for both indoor and outdoor production and can be made into any shape or color and finished with several techniques. Compared to cast-in-situ, precast uses less of everything – less cement, less water, less steel, and less labor. It produces less waste on the site and in the factory. This makes CO2 footprint of precast much smaller than in cast-in-situ construction. It can be used as only building material or also as a composite structure. It also offers healthy and safe working environment. This together with longer spans gives architects and designers more freedom than ever in designing and building beautiful modern structures.

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