Affordable housing: How affordable it is?

By Accommodation Times Bureau

The common notion about Mumbai is that real estate is extremely expensive here. While the municipality is working day and night trying to accommodate the ever-increasing population of the city, the city itself is growing in length and breadth to manage the population influx.

Well, it is true that housing is more expensive in Mumbai than anywhere in the country, but it is not so everywhere in the city. A keen look and a concentrated search can reveal places where housing is quite affordable. Buying a home for the middle-class is not a distant dream in the city, thanks to various initiatives by the Government and the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). They have taken various steps along with private builders to make the dream of buying a home possible.

This article provides a brief overview of affordable housing areas in Mumbai and certain other valuable information. Read on; we’re sure you will find interesting insights into the housing scenario of the financial capital of the country.

Location-wise, the following are pretty affordable options:

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