Affordable Housing is need of the hour: Amit Wadhwani

Amit WadhwaniBy Accommodation Times Bureau

One man dragging the dead real estate market to a bull run is Amit Wadhwani. He heads Sai Estate Consultants, one of the leading real estate consultants in Mumbai, revolutionized the real estate market. Every week, its target of SAI Estate, a 100 cr inventory must be sold.

In an exclusive interview with Accommodation Times, Amit Wadhwani revealed many success stories:

AT: How is the real estate market and what will be out look in 2018?

AW: The market has tremendous potential and I beleive we have a huge demand to cater. Real Estate market in 2018 must reverse many trends which we have seen in recent past. It doesn’t matter whether we have demonetisation , GST or RERA. People are going to buy. Real Estate is need based industry and we all not only need one but wants to upgrade always. Hence inclusive demand and organic growth of real estate will happen. Players in real estate are optimistic in years to come. Good time ahead for the industry.

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